Tenderness (by Guest Blogger LOL707)
Buying a piece of art can be scary. People assume that you must know about ‘art’ or think of art as something you saw in the National Gallery. So what if you owned piece art. Is it different to buying something decorative for your home? Homeware stores around town offer so much choice, from urban cool to classical to farm house to asian fusion. But this is the thing, when you own a piece of art it’s not an ornament or decoration. You have a relationship with it. Like an artist has a relationship with a painting from the first brush stroke. Don’t get me wrong I love my homewares but owning art is a different experience. Here’s how Sally Vernon, the owner of 1/20 feels about “The Fallen”.


Sally at home with her sculpture “The Fallen” by Ken Sealey.
Sally with her sculpture "The Fallen" by Ken Sealey

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