"Challenging Sculptures for Successful people."



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Thank you for your interest in my work.

My Art is for everyone. It is not a product it is a part of me. I believe that if I express my feelings truthfully in my Art that it will resonate in others.  it is a different kind of love

It is not unusual for two people to look at the same thing and each see it differently, in the same way it is not for me to say definitively what the meaning of any of my work is. My work is a glimpse of how I see the world, it is not a “message” that I am sending, it is the view through my eyes.

Someone recently told me that they love one of my sculptures. “I have lots of things in my home that I love. I have a chandelier that I love but it is not the same as the love I have for the sculpture. The love I have for the sculpture is a different kind of love – it is an experience.”

People buy things for their home because they “go with it” but people buy sculptures because they “go with them”. It is a personal relationship not a decorating decision. Houses may change and fashions come and go but my sculptures will last for generations.